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Fondée in 2011, during the big effervescence of the market of art and big competition to the big houses of London, Home Alma’ s could fast establish itself as leader by amplifying its influence and its expert’s know-how to her faithful clients always by reminding that his duty and its responsibility is to delegate these writings in the good hands forgetting its status of seller or dealer, defining its step as voluntarist in the market of art.
Since then, the home continues innovating, particularly influenced by his two founders Alexander Sergeenko and Marvin Gueddes, bidder has the home their knowledge, their passion and the safety of their judgement which was worth the confidence of their clients, a presence differentiated by methods of management of business international and a legal accompaniment of the highest level which guarantees to his clients a reactivity and a suppleness without equal.
Home Alma’ s put a point of honour, on new specialities such as its grandiose auctions of “jewellery-making” which became inevitable appointments for the amateurs and collectors of the whole world. The character selective and deprived of its sales procreated a big success at home with its office in St. Petersburg, the home attained about 6,5 million euro of turnover in 2017. Beyond its experience in Western Europe, the home accentuated its attention in the course of two last years on the Central Asia and The Near East. In October, 2015, Home Alma’ s organised its first sales in Alma-Ata and Dubai.


                                                                                                                                                                          Alexander Sergeenko

PDG and Co-fonder
Maison Alma’s

“….I’m happy to get the chance to present you some masterpieces of the greatest artists whose names make the world artistic heritage.
Due to the effort of the real professionals and exclusive contacts we managed to make up a detailed collection of pieces of art, produced by world wide authors such as Francesco Goya .., and also the famous sculptor of the end of the 19th century Mark Antacolskiy. Personally it’s a great honor for me to present this unique collection, each time I also feel huge responsibility for the hands in which the pieces of art find them. I find it important in principle who will become the owner of these immortal works…”